Sneaky (and Healthy) Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables

by Mike Levinson

veggiesDo your kids hate vegetables? Trying to get your kids to eat the good (green) stuff can be maddening at times, which is why I have gotten the ideas from creative moms who have found sneaky ways to get their kids eating healthy!

  • Super Smoothie–Blend a small amount spinach or kale into smoothies.
  • Squash in the Tacos–Put pureed squash in taco meat. 
  • Better Baked Goods–Add carrot puree or applesauce to muffins.
  • Squash in the Sauce–Put carrots puree in the pasta sauce. 
  • Brownies–Add one half cup carrot puree and one half cup spinach puree to the mix.
  • Nice Ice Surprise–Make your own popsicles with 100 percent juice or even try juices that have veggies in them.

There are many more ideas to hide veggies in your kids’ food so get creative and experiment with different ways to add vegetables to bakes products, sauces, ground meats, and smoothies.  Since many kids do not like the taste, smell or mouth feel of veggies, it’s our job as parents to ensure they are eating well balanced meals so sneak in that broccoli in the pasta sauce and cross fingers they love and eat it 

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