Somethin’ Strange in Your Neighborhood? Who Ya Gonna Call?


Courtesy: Nick Newmont

Nick Newmont always knew he had a gift. From a very early age, his mother would tell him that he had precognitive abilities; like the day he woke up early as a young child and dressed himself to go to stay with his grandparents because his mother was going to the hospital to have a baby. The thing is, she hadn’t told him yet. The Agoura Hills resident–who runs the Center for Balanced Living with wife, Audrey, on Roadside Drive–is a licensed hypnotherapist, metaphysician, energy healer, numerologist, astrologer and psychic.

Of all the services he offers, Newmont states on his website that the most “intriguing” is metaphysical space cleansing. Over the past decade he has cleansed and blessed residential and commercial properties across the country. The ritual is intended to clear out old or negative energy from a home or business. Newmont admits he’s come across some unearthly experiences during this practice, including encounters with ghosts. “A ghost is a spirit, an entity that feels trapped,” Newmont explains. “For some reason, they won’t let go to [an earthly] physical connection.”

In the spirit of Halloween, CV Happening asked Newmont to describe his strangest encounter. “The wildest property cleansing occurred in Mt. Washington [Los Angeles] several years ago,” said the local ghostbuster.”It involved the cleansing of a home that belonged to two brothers who were former members of the Nazi SS during WWII. The daughter of one of the men said that her father and uncle lived in constant fear of being caught and persecuted for war crimes. As a result, their home was a fortress comprised of thick poured concrete, a basement, false walls and hidden rooms containing food and ammunition.

After the father died, the woman asked Newmont to cleanse the home in which the ailing uncle still resided. She explained that the house was exhibiting some activity that needed to be ridden. Newmont complied by performing his sacred cleansing rite after which things quieted down…until the uncle passed.


Courtesy: “Spooktacular”

“I got a call from the woman saying, ‘Nick, you have to come here and take care of this,'” he recalled. “She said, ‘There are ghosts of Holocaust survivors all through the house.'”

Newmont remembers being affected by the environment immediately upon entering the house. “There were so many ghosts in the place it was nuts,” he said.

During his walk-through of the property, both inside and out, he discovered a “hell hole,” a portal through which spirits can pass into our world, he said. There was so much activity going on, Newmont said he needed to establish two cleansing alters, a ritual structure he uses in his practice. “Part of the ceremony is recited in Hebrew,” he said. “As I was [chanting], we looked up and saw an SS officer walk past the door. He looked furious. Obviously, he didn’t approve of my using Hebrew.” At that moment, a door slammed in a back room. No one else was present.

Newmont describes the final purging of the spirits as a spinning vortex, comparing the scene to the ending of the film Jumanji, in which everything is sucked backed into the game board. “When it was over, you could feel the difference,” he said. “Everything was light and warm and quiet, as if nothing had happened.”

So who should receive a space cleansing? Newmont recommends the ritual for people who are selling, renovating or buying homes and for those who are opening or restructuring businesses. For more information, go to

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