The Money Savvy Mommy: How to Survive and Thrive this Mother’s Day

by Mira Reverente

Happy Mother's Day to my role models - my mom (second from right) and my grandma (extreme right).

Happy Mother’s Day to my role models – my mom (second from right) and my grandma (extreme right).

One year ago, I heard a friend and fellow single mom venting about her teenage son’s apparent lack of thoughtfulness on Mother’s Day. I chimed in and said I was in the same boat. We laughed and both chalked it up to teenage hormones and self-absorption and vowed never to get sucked into the consumerism of this Hallmark holiday again.

But it did hurt. A lot. We haven’t discussed that episode again. My son still does not get me a card but now remembers to call. My daughter tries very hard to make the day extra special with a homemade (or school-made) card and asks me what I want to do that day (hike, watch a movie, hike some more).

I’ve learned to manage expectations since then, be kinder to myself and cope. Here’s my game plan for surviving and thriving this Mother’s Day:

  • I will not check social media. It’s too tempting not to compare yourself to others and what they’re doing when you do so. Call me out if you catch me online!
  • I will call my mom, my grandma, my nana and all the incredible moms who have enriched my life in one form or another.
  • I will shun household chores for the day.
  • I will find my happiness in the great outdoors.
  • I will stop daydreaming about book #2 and just start writing again.
  • I will continue to set a good example to my daughter, hoping she will embrace motherhood just as I have.
  • I will celebrate almost 19 years of motherhood doing the things that make me happy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, stepmoms, grandmas, godmothers, moms of furry kids, aunts, sisters, nieces and anyone else who experiences motherly love for someone else. Cheers to us!

Mira Reverente is associate editor of CVH and a longtime journalist whose work has appeared in many local publications. Her first book on money came out last fall. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for more money savviness tips or check out her new blog 

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