This Week in Astrology With Nick Newmont: August 4-10, Decision Time For Donald Trump

by Nick Newmont

Donald Trump’s Transits and Progressions on November 8th,
Part 2 of 4

13895419_10210016556359952_6977228961186066186_n 2As I write these articles on the political candidates, keep in mind that I, like you, have the same concerns about the well-being of our nation and the world. As an astrologer and metaphysician, I have perceptions via the predictive sciences and I do take a consciousness approach to the world at large. However, I am not immune to the ups and downs of the world. My chart tells its own story; therefore, I have to practice what I preach. So keep in mind, I am in the middle of this with all of you. As I said a couple weeks ago, these articles are written to inform, not influence voting or the outcome. Also, do not draw conclusions from what I have written about Mr. Trump until you read what I write about Hillary Clinton.

Also, I do my best to incorporate astrological lingo and info with explanations. Astrology is a science and deserves to be honored as such in its purity. However, if something is lost in the translation, please contact me for clarification. I also appreciate when you share my information with like-minded people. Now on to the good stuff.

This week, I cover what Mr. Trump’s chart looks like leading up to and on the day of the election. Many astrologers look completely at the transits. I do also, but I look just as much at the progressed Sun and Moon.

In the last couple days, Mr. Trump’s progressed Sun crossed his ascendant into his first house. This is the only time in his life this will occur because it takes 360 years for the progressed Sun to circle a chart. Now that his progressed Sun is in this position, he must put his best foot forward and do the right thing. At first this sounds good due to the fact that he is Leo rising, the Sun rules his chart. However, in the next few days his Sun will move from Leo into Virgo. His Leo dominant personality will shift into a need for accountability. As I said last week, his Sagittarius Moon-Gemini Sun opposition causes him not to operate from facts. From this point on, if he does not have his facts straight, it will be glaring and obvious

Recently his progressed Moon moved into the Balsamic (dark) phase, heading toward his progressed Sun. What this means is, he starts to lose vision and is concluding a major cycle in his life.

On November 5th, transitting Saturn, which represents reality, focus and karma begins opposing his natal tenth house (career, reputation, success) Uranus. I believe this is very critical to his success or failure. First of all, this transit is hard on the nervous system and can make anyone stressed and high strung. Also Saturn in the fourth house means he cannot sacrifice his personal life for his career. Saturn in the fourth also makes his relationships with women very critical, including his wife and all female voters. Without going into a lot of drama, let me leave it with the fact that his opponent is a woman.

What does all this mean and add up to? Here’s the make or break part…

If he stays rigid on his ways of doing things and sticks to old habits and patterns, that behavior will work against him. If he flies off the handle, fights people telling him what to do and refuses to adjust, especially days before the election, he is in trouble. His best bet at election time is to be opened minded and take a unique approach to what is being presented at that time. In other words, if he wants to win, the closer to election time, he has to change his game and take advice from his supporters.

Stay tuned as next week we look at Hillary Clinton’s natal chart.

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