This Week in Astrology With Nick Newmont: Nov. 3-9: Election Day-The Final Outcome

by Nick Newmont

voted-2This is the final article on the election, thankfully. I have been asked about it the entire year, publicly and privately and I am ready to move on to new topics. Here’s why.

Have you ever sized up the NFL teams headed into playoffs and really looked forward to the Super Bowl, realizing that the big game is not as good as you were hoping it would be? Have you ever anticipated going out on date with someone and mistakenly judged the book by its cover? Have you ever really judged a book by its cover? How many times has anything you have anxiously over-anticipated fell like a cake in the oven? A lot. We have all done it and we’re about to do it again.

So here’s the $600 billion question. Do you really want to know which presidential candidate’s astrological chart shows them on top on the night of November 8th? If not, stop reading here.

I use western Astrology, which allows for probability based on free will and choice. Via astrology it is very hard to predict an outcome based on one day’s event. We astrologers and numerologists have been weighing in on this since January and the majority are coming to the same conclusion. After all, we are looking at the same charts…with some fine points left to individual interpretation.

Remember, I first wrote about this topic months ago and stated this is an astrological assessment. It is not my opinion nor a political stance on my part. I have no influence on how the masses vote. My approach to an event, like this election, is to closely study the natal charts, the solar-return charts and the transits over the course of the year; not just November 8th. I also have taken into account what each candidate’s chart looks like on January 20, 2017, inauguration day. I have said throughout the campaign, whoever is elected is a one-term president and I hold to that.

As for Donald Trump’s chart, this an inopportune time for transiting Saturn to oppose his natal tenth house Gemini-ruled Uranus. The result is being stubborn, doing things rigidly and not being accountable for things he has said during the campaign. His natal chart is prone to public ridicule. A tenth house Gemini calls for protecting one’s reputation.

Hillary Clinton’s chart shows a flow of transiting planets in her tenth house through January. That tells me that come inauguration time, she will be rising to power. Her chart shows heavy responsibility with transiting Saturn in her sixth house, which could have an adverse effect on her health. Also with Saturn here until mid-December of 2017, the covert things she is being accused of will follow her until late next year. I see her as a weary victor when the votes are counted.

We will all find out on the 8th.

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