Watch Out For Rattlesnakes

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Due to its close proximity to open space, many Westlake Village neighborhoods and businesses often encounter wildlife of all kinds. With summer around the corner, rattlesnakes are beginning to make appearances. In fact, a rattlesnake spotted at Three Springs Park today was subsequently removed and destroyed by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. If you encounter a rattlesnake, contact the Fire Department immediately by calling 911. Firefighters will respond and destroy rattlesnakes or relocate them. Please keep a safe distance while keeping an eye on its whereabouts to assist firefighters in locating the snake.

To help prevent snakes from entering your property, remove the things snakes are seeking: food and shelter. Snakes find food (rodents) in wood or grass piles, gopher holes, and uncovered trashcans. Snakes seek out their own shelter in dark and shady areas such as large rocks, boxes, firewood, and tall grand cover. Residents whose are directly adjacent to open space may consider installing a “snake fence” around the perimeter of their property.

For more information on rattlesnake safety, please visit the California Department of Fish and Game website at www.wildlife,ca,gov

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