This Week in Astrology With Nick Newmont: May 12-18th, Jupiter and Saturn Square Off


Nick Newmont

by Nick Newmont

Most of the time, astrological lingo, like any science, is lost in translation. It’s likened to “legalese” which the lawyers understand and the lay person is left to trust the right thing is being done for them. I do my best to convey astrology in the clearest manner possible while keeping the jargon to a minimum.  So this week, I dare to include jargon, the Square aspect.

A Square aspect is 90 degrees. If two planets are close to being 90 degrees apart, they are squared to each other. Almost all astrologers agree that squares are motivating and challenging and can be difficult. Some astrologers emphasize the negative potential of a square more than others. I say squares build character. Remember the adage, “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” A good visual for a Square aspect is the energy of the two planets colliding at a cross roads. Thus, it is a conflict that requires a decision. How do you deal with a Square? Rise above it and gain a different perspective.

Currently, Jupiter and Saturn are square to each other. Jupiter represents growth, luck, money and expansion. Saturn rules karma, reality, interaction with the environment, focus, restriction, disappointments, constriction and lessons learned. Jupiter wants to go out and play, and Saturn says, ‘not now, do your work first.’

Until the end of May, we may be forced to restructure our lives or plans now in accordance with rules, laws, limits and the demands of reality. Unexpected obstacles may appear at this time that create frustration and try your patience or create doubt. It is best to breathe new life into old plans rather than to tear down and rebuild with a new plan altogether. We may need to cut back on something in order to grow in another area.

It’s important not to overextend ourselves at this time and to avoid attempting easy fixes or shortcuts. The need to adjust our expectations becomes obvious. Sloppiness and weaknesses in your plans may be exposed now. You may have to clean up your act, cut down on expansion and strengthen the foundation of your circumstances. If you are feeling a lot pressure now, then you have more cleaning up to do. Right now, you may have to adjust your budget to pay your bills or “up your game” at work to increase your performance.

Although this can be a challenging time, decisions that you make until early June along with reorganizing your priorities can also open doors for you that you may not have considered or have seen. The Saturn-Jupiter Square can create the opportunity for a job change or other changes that create a more meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle.

What’s the bottom line this week? Be conservative and be focused.


Nick Newmont, a licensed hypnotherapist and astrologer, runs The Newmont Center for Balanced Living in Agoura Hills. For more information, go to 

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