This Week in Astrology With Nick Newmont: April 21-27, Full Moon Occurs April 21st at 10:24 PM PDT.


Nick Newmont

by Nick Newmont

Late Thursday in the Pacific and Mountain time zones, and early on Friday in the Central and Eastern time zones, a Full Moon occurs, when the Sun in Taurus opposes the Scorpio Moon.

This Full Moon is known as a Pink Moon and may look full a day before and after to the casual observer. This Full Moon will also coincide with the peak of the annual Lyrid meteor shower but don’t expect to see much due to the bright moonlight.

This Friday the 22nd is also the 46th annual Earth Day. Please remember to give back to the Earth. Plant a tree if you wish. The Earth Day Gratitude celebration is all about powering up on gratitude and powering down electricity and fossil fuels for one hour, between 7:30-8:30 p.m. in your time zone. Eat by candlelight, dance in the moonlight.

Taurus teaches us to enjoy the simple things in life and reflect upon our intrinsic values. Scorpio teaches us to share. The Full Moon always allows us to pause and reflect as the Moon is the reflection of the Sun.

The Taurus-Scorpio polarity deals with the balance between all that is mine (Taurus) and all that is yours (Scorpio). It also emphasizes the concept of what is real (Taurus) versus transformation (Scorpio). While Taurus deals with personal values, material goods, possessions and earned income; Scorpio rules tearing down and rebuilding, shared possessions, investments and transformation. The Sun in Taurus wants us to be happy with the tangible things in life, while the Scorpio Moon draws our attention to looking deeper into things. Ideally, a balance should be found between the two energies, and this is what the Full Moon invites us to do.

Let go of what no longer serves you, especially needless waste as we celebrate Earth Day.

Have a great week,

Nick Newmont, a licensed hypnotherapist and astrologer, runs The Newmont Center for Balanced Living in Agoura Hills. For more information, go to 

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