This Week in Astrology With Nick Newmont: Aug. 18-23, Solar Return Chart and Transits For Hillary Clinton

by Nick Newmont

Part 4 or 4

Screenshot-2016-04-26-22.32.43We now look at Hillary Clinton’s chart over the next three months and leading up to the election. Her birthday on October 26th puts in her in a new solar year, thus I will also add info about her solar return chart.

For those of you that are newer to astrology, the solar return is the moment close to the birthday when the Sun is positioned identically by degrees and minutes of arc where it was when you were born. It is not the same time you were born. The solar return is considered the most powerful moment of the year for us. It is the time to visualize what we want to attain and achieve in the next twelve months.

Her October 2015 Solar return chart reflected a desire to grow her career and public. She certainly has done that. That chart also shows the undercurrents she is being accused of. Her upcoming solar chart shows increased visibility and popularity but continued caution around her past reputation. The chart indicates her aspiring to a more open-minded approach to things; a bit more humanitarian. I also see a certain amount of distancing from past groups and organizations and being very discerning about who she aligns with in the future.

In her transits, the Sun will be in her fifth house from October 15th through November 22nd. This is her time to shine because the Sun rules the fifth house. In that time frame she will come off as friendly, relaxed, caring and giving. Things will basically roll off her shoulders. This could cause her to take her foot off the gas pedal which she cannot, due to the position of Saturn I cover at the end of the article.

As far as public perception goes, Neptune, which creates interesting illusion and/or disillusionment has been fully entrenched in her career house since mid-December of 2014. By January 1st, the questions began as to whether she would run or not. Neptune in this area creates confusion, especially regarding one’s own sense of purpose. If she presents herself as really wanting and planning to help the less fortunate, this aspect would put her in. If she comes across with too much ego, as if she is running for self-justification, it will cost her the election. Neptune will be in her tenth house for the next twenty years which means she may be criticized and scrutinized for her past. No matter the outcome, she will have to do a lot of good to offset her negative press.

The other major aspect in her chart is revolutionary Uranus, which has been in her 11th house since mid-May. This caused her to go after and attract new and different people and supporters. Uranus turned retrograde on July 29th and has quite a slingshot effect, creating explosive energy. The retrograde will return Uranus to her 10th house on October 20th. On one hand she will be challenged even more publicly, but because this position is normally benevolent, it creates sudden, new opportunities. It also indicates something unprecedented may occur around election time. Whatever happens around October 20th could either make or break her candidacy.

The last part of her chart I want to cover is Saturn. After all, Saturn rules the 10th house, career, fame, big business and government. Saturn is currently in her sixth house, which prepares one for a debut, the move to the seventh house. This is “roll up your sleeves” time. Saturn entered her sixth house on January 8th 2015…there is that January marker again! This is the time for her to do the necessary work. Saturn in this position is all about hard work and no recognition. During this period she will find what she is made of. Remember the old saying. “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Saturn is here in her chart until mid-December of 2017. Because the sixth is also the house of health, Saturn here can be hard on the body and quicken the aging process. She will have to moderate her energy output, while she works at a feverish pace.
It’s quite a bit of info but it is all pertinent. Closer to the election, I will do a comparison on the two major candidates. Enjoy sorting this out for yourself. This has been the craziest election year I have ever seen in my life.

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