This Week in Astrology With Nick Newmont: Aug. 11-16, Natal Chart of Hillary Clinton

by Nick Newmont

Part 3 or 4

hillary 2This week, we cover Hillary Clinton’s natal chart. The first thing I noticed about her chart is the cluster of Scorpio planets in her fifth house. Her Sun, Venus, Mercury, South Node of the Moon and her Part of Fortune are all together.

Scorpio is known as the most covert sign in the zodiac. Scorpio tells you what they want you know. And if a Scorpio tells you to leave them alone, they don’t want to talk about it, don’t prod. That stinger will come out so fast and furiously, you won’t know what hit you. But because all this Scorpio is in the Sun and Leo ruled fifth house, she’ll do and say everything with a smile on her face. With Mercury in this position, everything is a chess match for her, meaning she loves a mental joust.

With Venus here, she wants to make a good impression and create relationships with people. Mrs. Clinton has Scorpio and Taurus intercepted in the 5th-11th house axis. As I have said before, intercepted signs are problem areas of a chart. In her case, it represents problems in personal relationships and letting go of past issues in that area of her life. It also can indicate a struggle to finish things.

Her Moon is in Pisces in the tenth (public house) which means she does have a soft spot and can get caught with her guard down. The Moon in this position means she likes public life, is ambitious and wants to get ahead. The Pisces Moon is sensitive, which shows that down deep, she really cares, but she must be objective about business matters. Sometimes the Pisces Moon indicates the person stays in situations too long and does know when to get out.

Her rising sign or ascendant is Gemini, which makes her either a good orator or she can really sell it due to her enthusiasm. With Mercury ruling her chart here, she is quick minded and quick witted. This next part is very important and influences how she operates. Gemini rising does not want to be weighed down with too much responsibility, especially others’ emotional burdens. This can make her seem flippant at times. However, due to the fact that her tenth house Moon almost perfectly squares her ascendant, it is hard for her to be impersonal or removed, so people are drawn to confide in her. This makes her more transparent than she as a true Scorpio would like to be. Her Sun favorably trines her ascendant which gives her charisma.

She is born with Mars, Saturn and Pluto, all in Leo in the third house. She is convincing and really wants to lead people. The area of concern here is that her Saturn squares her Mercury, which tells me she has a very skeptical side and needs time to process any concept she does not understand. In other words, she approaches new ideas in a scientific way, which can result in a “let me get back to you response.” She is methodical, not speculative.

Next week I cover her transits and progressions leading up to the election. Thank you for reading and as I continue to say, “Form your own opinion.”

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