This Week in Astrology With Nick Newmont: February 25th- March 2nd, What Are Planet Retrogrades?


Nick Newmont

by Nick Newmont

Planetary retrogrades. What are they? Mercury retrograde has become quite the buzzword for astrology enthusiasts and quite the terror for those who play into the fear that has developed around it. The concept of retrograde, meaning the planet appears to be going backwards, is exactly as it APPEARS. Planets don’t go backwards except for Venus and that is another topic for another time.

Retrograde is caused by the orbit of the Earth revolving around the Sun, going faster in relationship to the other planets going slower around the Sun, thus, giving the appearance that they are going backwards.

Here is the best analogy. Imagine you are on a train going in the same direction as another train on a parallel track. Your train is going faster. As you look out the window at the other train, it appears as if it is going backwards. It is an illusion.

Planetary retrograde changes the effect or alters the course of action a particular planet has on us on Earth. The problem is that Mercury retrograde, which occurs three times per year, has received so much bad press that people go into panic without being completely or properly informed. Many of you have heard the rhetoric; “you can’t do this and you can’t do that.” This creates a term I coined a few years ago: Astrological Paranoia.

Astrological paranoia activates the fight/flight/freeze mechanism of the subconscious mind, which sets off this gut reaction as soon as retrograde is mentioned. People really believe they can’t do certain things based on a planet’s retrograde motion. We are not a victim of the other planets. We have to live our lives. There are times when you have to make decisions and not rely on the planets being completely favorable. For those of you who may not know me, I am also a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Our conditioned habits and patterns are engrained deeply into our subconscious mind which does 88 percent of what we do on a daily basis. The aim is to be more conscious of our choices and set intentions for our greatest and highest good.

Folks, you have a choice in everything you do. What many of you may not realize is that you are born with planets in retrograde. Thus, when that particular planet or planets has turned retrograde, it is working for you.

My wife and I are both born with Mercury in retrograde. A chunk of years ago we bought two cars on the same day during Mercury retrograde. The deals were great and we loved the cars. Good things can and do happen during retrogrades.

Next week I will address the meaning of each planet in retrograde and what to expect.

Have a conscious week and thank you for reading.

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