This Week in Astrology With Nick Newmont: July 28-Aug 3, Donald Trump’s Natal Chart

by Nick Newmont

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As we move toward November eighth election day, astrologers around the world are taking a close look at the presidential candidates. Donald Trump’s birthday is June 14, 1946. Of course, he is a Gemini Sun. His Moon is in Sagittarius and his rising sign is Leo.

The Sun rules Leo therefore people who have Leo on the ascendant like to shine and normally do not like public embarrassment. As we age, we become more of our rising sign than our Sun sign. Leos are referred to as the kings and queens of the zodiac and definitely are into boundaries. When a Leo says “don’t cross this line” they mean it. It would make sense that Mr. Trump would be looking for a rise to power and visibility as he gets older.

Leo has to learn to serve in order to be a good ruler. Leo rising does not take orders well and can be somewhat vain. Leo rising is very dictatorial and has a big ego which needs to be fed like a hungry lion. Leo ruling the chart is competitive, especially with other strong people.

Mr. Trump’s Gemini Sun is in the tenth house, the house of fame, career, success, public life and reputation. History shows is that people with a tenth house Gemini have to protect their reputations and can be seen as notorious and/or controversial. For those of you who understand Astrology, Gemini is intercepted in his tenth house. In other words, Gemini does not rule his tenth or eleventh house, it is in the middle of the tenth house. That also means that Sagittarius is intercepted in his fouth house, private life. The intercepted Gemini-Sagittarius is what undermines him and interferes with the Leo rising.

These are communication signs. Gemini is also the sign of curiosity. Wherever Gemini is located in our horoscopes, it gives us the ability to quickly gather information and objectively. Sagittarius is the sign of generalities. It takes the details Gemini gathers and puts them together into principles.

Interception breaks the balance. In the house with Gemini intercepted, all sorts of useless information will be gathered. The intercepted Sagittarius can’t help them discriminate between facts that are significant and those that are trivial. Since Taurus begins the house, there is also a tendency to be closed minded.

Since Gemini is intercepted on the other side of the horoscope, he may have a problem coming up with reasons to back up what he says so his claims can sound like dogmatic (take it or leave it) assertions. People will tend to leave it and not pay attention to his views.

Mr. Trump’s buzz line, “Make America Great,” comes from his Sagittarius fourth house Moon. The Moon in his fourth house makes him patriotic and the Sagittarius in this position is optimistic and he really expects a brighter future. His popularity is evident in his 11th house, the house of social structure, groups and organizations. Venus in this position makes him likable. Mercury here allows him to say what people want to hear. The downside of his 11th house is Saturn, which means he’s not really a joiner and will separate from the pack. Because all three of these 11th house planets are in the sign of Cancer, he needs a lot of reassurance and distances himself to avoid rejection. But again Cancer here, shows his patriotism.

His house of money has Neptune and Jupiter in it. He likes money and knows how to spend it but may not understand it as much as he portrays.

Next week, I will cover what his transits and progressions look like on November 8th.

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