This Week in Astrology With Nick Newmont: December 17th –December 24th

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Next Monday the Sun moves from optimistic, playful, and expansive Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius into earthy, cautious Capricorn. During Sagittarius the archer fires his or her arrows high into the sky aiming for the mountain top. As me move into Capricorn, the goat cautiously and sure-footedly climbs the mountain looking for the targets the arrows hit. What are the successful hits? For a Capricorn success is important and paramount and for them it is not lonely at the top. Goats are safe and secure near cliffs and high, rocky places. The goat climbs rough paths to places that most others cannot.

During Capricorn we are accountable and look at the bottom line. Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet takes charge and becomes serious. There is a “what’s in it for me” mentality in Capricorn thinking. For decades Christmas has been criticized as being too materialistic and not spiritual enough. Christmas falls during Capricorn; of course it’s going to have a materialistic quality. Capricorn people like nice things, but it in a simple, sophisticated way. A Capricorn person may not drive a flashy Lamborghini but will own a very expensive sedan. I have always called this display of style “understated elegance.” Yes, it’s true, Capricorns are materialistic, but they see the value in what have and appreciate what they own.

As the frivolity of the holidays soon erodes and we step into the New Year with a view from the mountain top, where we have our eye on the prize; the goals and intentions for 2016. Capricorn knows what to do, how to get it done and, gets it done. The Capricorn/Saturnian approach to life is to work hard and stay with traditional approaches that are tried and true.

If you need help getting something done, call a Capricorn friend. They are practical and will help you organize. You may not always like the advice you get from this loyal goat, but it will be the right thing to do. Keep your eye on your goat friends. Just when you think they are too serious, they will resort to dry, biting satire that catches everyone off guard. They will not wear a lampshade on their head at holiday parties, but they will tell the best jokes and tell them in a way that captivates the crowd. Yes, Capricorns are like the Dos Equis, “Most interesting man in the world.” What is the Capricorn bottom line? Take the time to work hard and take the time to play hard.

Have a great week!

Nick Newmont

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